Real-time personalization and optimization for Generative AI

A platform and API for real-time reinforcement learning for generative AI

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Get started without a dataset

Tell us what output you like and we'll handle the rest

Continuous improvement
As you provide feedback, we train a reinforcement learning agent in real time to craft better prompts.
Auto-prompt engineering
From few-shot to step-by-step, we automatically test and find the best prompt for you.
Compare the styles and responses from tens of different models and providers.
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Science, not art

Confidence from evidence

Quickly find the best config for your tasks.

We automatically score each configuration to find the best one for you.
Auto-test generation
We generate tests for your prompt and model, even if you don't have any prior data!
We find the optimal configuration for your model, achieving the best balance between quality, cost, and latency based on your specific needs.
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Continuous improvement

An API for every user

Your tasks personalize to each user in real-time.

Continuous improvement
Send us feedback through the API and we'll instantly improve the model for all your users.
Personalized experience
Through feedback and context, we tailor the experience for each user.
Unified API
One API for all models and users. We handle the rest for you.
from usefulbird import generate, feedback

usefulbird.api_key = "[sk_your_key]"

result, feedback_id = generate(
    # Provide values you define through the UsefulBird platform.
    { "parameter_key": "parameter_value" },
    # Provide reinforcement contexts to personalize results
    # and feedback.
    { "user": "[end_user_id]" }

# ... show the result to the user ...

# When there is some positive signal from the user.
# (Provide any numeric value as feedback to the engine.)
feedback(feedback_id, 10)
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer [sk_your_key]'
    -H "Content-type: application/json"
    -d '{ "parameters": {"parameter_key": "parameter_value"}, "reinforcement_contexts": { "user": "[end_user_id]" } }'$AI_OP_ID

    -H 'Authorization: Bearer [sk_your_key]'
    -H "Content-type: application/json"
    -d '{ "delta": 10 }'$FEEDBACK_ID

Everything you need

For all modalities

From text to images, we provide generative AI models powered by reinforcement learning for a unique experience.

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