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Your generative AI, better

You use generative AI to create amazing software and experiences. Your challenges and users are unique. Your generative AI features should leverage that uniqueness. Your generative AI features should live up to the promise of AI and continuously improve and refine for each user. By personalizing to each of your users, your software can be even more magical.

But personalized generative AI is hard. It takes more than a larger context window (though that helps 😉). It requires understanding and adapting to each user, in real-time. We are here to enable you to do this quickly and easily. We want personalized, optimized, generative AI to be the rule not the exception.

This mission requires a sophisticated reinforcement learning, generative AI, and system architecture. We are, and will forever be, assembling a world-class team to tackle this important, and difficult, problem. We are grateful to be working with incredible businesses, investors, and colleagues to achieve this mission.

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